Keywords *men's health
Abstract of independent evidence-based men's health advice and training targeted to the needs of consumers and health professionals.
Keywords men's health

Osteocalcin and its forms across the lifespan in adult men.   [11-Nov-2019]

Levinger I.; Byrnes E.; Flicker L.; Duque G.; Yeap B.B.; Scott D. ; Smith C.; Voisin S.; Al Saedi A.; Phu S.; Brennan-Speranza T.; Parker L.; Eynon N.; Hiam D.; Yan X.; Blekkenhorst L.C.; Lewis J.R.; Seeman E.
Keywords *men's health

Diabetes in young adult men: social and health-related correlates.   [11-Jul-2017]

English D.R.; Dharmage S.C.; Koelmeyer R.L.
Keywords *men's health

Sleep apnoea in Australian men: disease burden, co-morbidities, and correlates from the Australian longitudinal study on male health.   [11-Jul-2017]

Sahabandu S.; English D.R.; Currier D.; Matheson M.C.; Perret J.L.; Lowe A.; Lodge C.; Russell M.; Dharmage S.C.; Hamilton G.S.; Senaratna C.V.
Keywords men's health

Peyronie's disease underdiagnosed and undertreated.   [24-Oct-2016]

Love C.; Katz D.J.

Can a patient-focussed bookings approach reduce patient non-attendance in postnatal and continence physiotherapy?.   [14-Jul-2021]

Brennen R.L.; MacRae C.L.; Irving H.; Zeman B.J.; Lorentzen S.L.

Intellectual disability health content within medical curriculum: an audit of what our future doctors are taught.   [1-Jun-2017]

Trollor J.N.; Ruffell B.; Eagleson C.; Lennox N.; Tracy J.; Torr J.J.; Durvasula S.; Iacono T.
Abstract , men's health and many other specialist medicine areas are not represented. Inclusive practice is inconsistent in degree and nature, but a majority of universities (nine) involve people with intellectual disability in the development or delivery

Library evidence report: Increasing HPV vaccine intake.   [3-May-2023]

Gorton, Cassandra 


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