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Athena: Speciality Certificate Examination case for general dermatology and dermatology in primary health care.   [13-Jul-2023]

Punchihewa N.; Tandon S.; Poon F.; Pawlowski R.; Chan Y.; Mar A. 
Keywords *dermatology
Abstract by the final year registrar. I was also involved in then setting up a final Osce exam with both long and short cases for the registrar to assess her competency in Dermatology. I was also fortunate to sit in with the Dermatologist in their Leprosy clinic where I
Abstract .14). The overall mean specialty desirability was 2.61, suggesting that on average, more specialties were deemed undesirable by respondents. Although dermatology (2.88) had higher interest than the mean, more students rated dermatology as an undesirable career
Abstract was performed at Monash Health, the largest multi-site health service with three emergency departments in Victoria, Australia. Patients with a triage presenting problem of rash, allergic reaction or dermatological problem from 1 April to 30 June 2020 (stage 3

The importance of dermoscopy in subclinical lichen planus in skin of color.   [16-Sep-2021]

Chung I.Y.; Wong C.C.; Rodrigues M.A.

The prevalence of skin whitener usage in Northern India and its related dermatological complications.   [31-Oct-2014]

Dunn R.; Wong C.; Minocha R.; Sharma N.; Grills N.; Grills C.
Keywords dermatology
Abstract revealed they account for 61% of the dermatology cosmetic market within India.[i] We surveyed 92 women who resided within villages in Northern India about their extent of skin whitener usage, route of use, and the observed cutaneous and systemic side
Keywords dermatology
Abstract reactions at a single dermatology centre. Method(s): A case-series of 23 subjects who accounted for all the positive patch tests for Compositae at the centre between January 2011 and November 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. Result(s): Of 23 subjects who patch
Title Australasian Journal of Dermatology
Title Journal of Investigative Dermatology