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Abstract and an ageing workforce. Given these factors, it is necessary to understand why individuals choose to nurse, what keeps them engaged in nursing, and in what ways healthcare systems can support career development and retention. Method This paper presents initial
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Abstract computers in their daily practice for more than two decades. A statewide study then was conducted on how nurses believed computer technology impacted their practice. This study also examined the different views that computer users and nonusers held
Keywords nursing education
Abstract in the clinical setting is facilitated by registered nurses, yet this interpersonal relationship has not been examined well. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the experience of interpersonal relationships between registered nurses and student nurses in the clinical
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Abstract for older people moving into a nursing home have been the outcomes of studies that have interviewed residents and their families. However, the views of nurses and personal care assistants working in nursing homes have not been previously explored. DESIGN

Nurse manager support of graduate nurse development of work readiness: An integrative review.   [25-Aug-2023]

Jeffery, Jacqui ; Rogers S.; Redley B. ; Searby A.
Abstract workplace culture through leadership styles, yet little is known about how they can best support graduate nurses to transition to professional practice in the acute hospital environment. DESIGN: A five-step, systematic integrative review reported
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Keywords nursing staff
Abstract examined; (b) describe methods used to examine technology in nursing work; (c) identify outcomes used to evaluate technology in relation to the quality of nursing work; and (d) make recommendations for future research. BACKGROUND: New technologies can offer
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Abstract nursing care in technologically complex environments is particularly challenging when nurses develop relationships with their patients over an extended period of time. In these environments the potential for intimate relationships can increase

Exploring nursing knowledge by using digital photography.   [12-Feb-1998]

Axford R.; McGuiness B.
Keywords nursing
Abstract exhibited by the skin surrounding a surgical wound are reduced to the word "inflamed". Digital photography was explored as a documentation format that addressed this deficit. Forty nine nurse clinicians were asked to assess and plan management for one

Nurse Manager led, ward-based strategies to support graduate nurse transition   [19-Oct-2022]

Jeffery, Jacqui ; Rogers, S.; Redley, Bernice ; Searby, A.
Keywords graduate nurses
Abstract An integrative review using Graduate Nurse Work Readiness theory and Theoretical Domains Framework behaviour change model to understand how Nurse Managers can support Graduate Nurse transition to practice.
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