Peninsula health workforce development.   [19-Nov-2015]

Davis H.; Balchin P.N.; Tobias T.
Keywords nursing staff
Abstract professionals to access via the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) website. Result(s): The attendance for each of the sessions varied, ranging from 24-55 people. The sessions have been mostly utilised by nurses along with smaller numbers
Keywords *nursing competence
Abstract of practice This included training in chemotherapy safe handling, clinical trials and cell biology, and focused on the agent to be delivered. Nursing procedures for home administration of cytarabine were developed. Nurses were rostered to the oncology

A pediatric oncology nursing outreach program.   [3-Jan-2010]

Drybrough K.; Casey S.; Hamalainen T.; Di Monte B.
Keywords nurse
Abstract to be collected by each Interlink Nurse on a monthly basis and submitted to the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) database. Result(s): From January 2007 to December 2008, a total of 9 Interlink Community Cancer Nurses provided care to a total of 657
Keywords *nursing
Abstract that are integral to safe and effective care. Within Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) position statements were available to support minimum education and safety standards for administering anticancer therapy within the adult oncology setting but there is no specific

Development of a Cancer Support Nurse Telehealth Clinic to facilitate symptom management and urgent clinical review.   [4-Jan-2022]

Sweeney K.; Largey G.; McLeod V.; Marshall L. ; Cao K.; Mead E.; Franco M. 
Abstract been used to evaluate and improve the TCSN-RC. Patient and CSN (Cancer Support Nurse) experience survey questionnaires were developed and analysed. Regular project team meetings reviewing interim results has allowed for improvement of processes. Results

Risk items associated with patient falls in oncology and medical settings.   [20-Jun-2007]

Hawkins M.T.; O'Connell B.O.; Baker L.; Gaskin C.J.
Keywords *nursing assessment
Abstract of leg muscle strength clearly distinguished between fallers and nonfallers, with the latter having stronger leg muscles. For nursing practice, the assessment of patients' muscle strength seems to be the most useful scale for identifying potential fallers

Peninsula health cancer workforce development.   [30-Nov-2016]

Davis H.; Sherwel S.; Tobias T.; Balchin P.
Keywords nursing staff
Abstract . The sessions were mostly utilized by nurses along with smaller numbers of medical and allied health professionals. Results indicate that nursing staff perceived a greater increase in their knowledge as compared to other attendees. It was identified

Benefits of a neuro-oncology nurse program.   [19-Feb-2016]

O'Connor G.; Todorovic L.; Freilich R.; Daly E.
Keywords *nurse
Abstract the admission profile of patients in the 2 years before and the 2 years after the establishment of the Neuro-Oncology Nurse position at Cabrini. Although there were a similar number of patients treated in the 2 study periods, there was a 24% reduction

Communicating with patients from minority backgrounds: Individual challenges experienced by oncology health professionals.   [22-Mar-2017]

Hale S.; Goldstein D.; Perry A.; Kissane D.W. ; Aranda S.K.; Watts K.J.; Meiser B.; Zilliacus E.; Kaur R.; Taouk M.; Girgis A.; Butow P.
Keywords oncology nursing
Abstract in communicating with patients from minority backgrounds. METHOD: Thirty-eight oncology HPs (21 oncology nurses, 12 medical oncologists, and 5 radiation oncologists) were interviewed individually or in focus groups about their experiences communicating

Evaluation of an online communication skills training programme for oncology nurses working with patients from minority backgrounds.   [28-Oct-2018]

Shaw T.; Woodland L.; Watts K.; Tomkins S.; Girgis A.; Butow P.; Hale S.; Perry A.; Aranda S.K.; Goldstein D.; Kissane D. ; Norris C.; Tebble H.; Kaur R.; Meiser B.; Zilliacus E.; Tim Wong W.K.
Keywords *oncology nurse
Abstract (s): The intervention provided examples of communication strategies using vignette-based, professionally produced videos, developed through an iterative process with input from a large multidisciplinary team. Fifty-three oncology nurses completed all three
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