DNA methylation in childhood dental caries and hypomineralization.   [4-Mar-2022]

Mj S.; N M.; Jm C.; Dj M.; R S.; Mc S.; Dp B.; J L.; Nm K.; Jl H.; Kj S.; S L.
Abstract at birth, and caries experience and enamel hypomineralisation at six years of age. METHOD(S): The study sample was from a birth cohort study of twins. Dental examinations at six years identified the presence/absence of (i) 'any caries' (untreated

Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw: Does it occur in children?.   [16-Oct-2012]

Brown J.J.; Zacharin M.R.; Ramalingam L.
Keywords dental care
Abstract of paediatric patients treated with intravenous bisphosphonate for occurrence of ONJ. Design(s): Observational study at a tertiary children's hospital. Patient(s): A total of 42 paediatric patients with osteoporosis who received bisphosphonate infusions for a

Library evidence report: Mouth care in paediatric oncology.   [28-Feb-2023]

Anderson, Alice ; Beer, Madeleine 
Keywords dental services
Abstract This evidence report summarises the literature on mouth care in paediatric oncology.
Keywords *dental procedure
Abstract an opportunity to both provide information to women about the importance of maternal oral health and accessing dental care. Although pregnant women are recognised for 'priority' care under Victorian state-government policy, rarely do they attend. This study aims

Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea in children.   [7-Aug-2013]

Nixon G.M. ; Horne R.S.C.; Walter L.M.
Keywords dental procedure
Abstract , continuous positive airway pressure therapy, topical corticosteroids, leukotriene receptor antagonists, and dental/orthodontic treatments. AT is the first-line therapy for most children and is likely to remain so, but continuing research into alternatives

The ethics of war-time data in paediatric trauma: attitudes, angles and impacts.   [26-Nov-2023]

Taghavi K.; Isaacs D.; McLeod L.; Gillett G.; Brasher C.

Identification of alternatively activated macrophages in new-onset paediatric and adult immunoglobulin A nephropathy: Potential role in mesangial matrix expansion.   [5-Oct-2012]

Polkinghorne K.R. ; Nikolic-Paterson D.J. ; Ikezumi Y.; Suzuki T.; Karasawa T.; Hasegawa H.; Yamada T.; Imai N.; Narita I.; Kawachi H.; Uchiyama M.
Abstract macrophages but not with the total CD68+ macrophage infiltrate. Conclusion(s): Alternatively activated M2 macrophages are present in new-onset paediatric and adult IgAN, and this population may promote the development of fibrotic lesions. © 2011 Blackwell

State of the Evidence Traffic Lights 2019: Systematic Review of Interventions for Preventing and Treating Children with Cerebral Palsy.   [9-Mar-2020]

Hines A.; Langdon K.; Namara M.M.; Paton M.C.; Popat H.; Morgan C.; Shore B.; Novak I.; Khamis A.; Stanton E.; Finemore O.P.; Tricks A.; te Velde A.; Dark L.; Morton N.; Badawi N.; Fahey M. ; Finch-Edmondson M.; Galea C.
Keywords dentistry
Abstract toxin plus occupational therapy, botulinum toxin plus casting, diazepam, dentistry, hip surveillance, intrathecal baclofen, scoliosis correction, selective dorsal rhizotomy, and umbilical cord blood cell therapy. Summary: We have provided guidance about

Age at diagnosis and diagnostic delay across attention-deficit hyperactivity and autism spectrums.   [31-Oct-2023]

Knott R.; Mellahn O.J.; Tiego J.; Kallady K.; Brown L.E.; Coghill D.; Williams K.; Bellgrove M.A.; Johnson B.P.


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