Allergy to stings and bites from rare or locally important arthropods: Worldwide distribution, available diagnostics and treatment.   [6-Oct-2023]

Sturm G.J.; Boni E.; Antolin-Amerigo D.; Bilo M.; Breynaert C.; Fassio F.; Spriggs K.; Vega A.; Ricciardi L.; Arzt-Gradwohl L.; Hemmer W.
Abstract Insect venom allergy is the most frequent cause of anaphylaxis in Europe and possibly worldwide. The majority of systemic allergic reactions after insect stings are caused by Hymenoptera, and among these, vespid genera induce most of the systemic

Safety of COVID-19 vaccine challenge in patients with immediate adverse reactions to prior doses: A multi-centre cohort study.   [12-Aug-2022]

De Luca J.F.; Awad A.; Vogrin S.; Douglas A.P.; Lutjen A.; Gordon S.F.; Crawford N.W.; Barnes S. ; Trubiano J.A.

Food Allergen Immunotherapy in Preschool Children: Do We Have the Evidence?   [8-Aug-2023]

Loke P.; Vickery B.P.; Jones S.M.; Peters R.L.; Roberts G.; Koplin J.J.
Abstract Standard care for the management of food allergies previously centered on allergen avoidance and the treatment of adverse reactions after allergen exposure. An increase in the development of immunotherapy treatments for food allergy has occurred

Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis   [2001]

Erlich, J.H; Tipping, P.G.; Holdsworth, Stephen 

The Kidney in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases   [2008]

Kitching, A.R; Holdsworth, Stephen 

Immunologic Renal Diseases   [2001]

Tipping, P.G.; Kitching, A.R; Holdsworth, Stephen 

TreEAT trial: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial investigating the efficacy and safety of early introduction of tree nuts for the prevention of tree nut allergy in infants with peanut allergy.   [31-Mar-2023]

McWilliam V.L.; Koplin J.J.; Allen K.; Robinson M.; Smart J.; Loke P.; Peters R.L.; Dang T.; Lee K.J.; Dalziel K.; Tey D.; Taranto M.; Perrett K.P.
Abstract INTRODUCTION: Children with peanut allergy are at increased risk of developing tree nut allergies, which can be severe and for most lifelong. Introduction of peanut in the first year of life can reduce the risk of peanut allergy; however, prevention
Title Clinical & Experimental Allergy
Title Expert Review of Clinical Immunology