DNA methylation in childhood dental caries and hypomineralization.   [4-Mar-2022]

Mj S.; N M.; Jm C.; Dj M.; R S.; Mc S.; Dp B.; J L.; Nm K.; Jl H.; Kj S.; S L.
Abstract at birth, and caries experience and enamel hypomineralisation at six years of age. METHOD(S): The study sample was from a birth cohort study of twins. Dental examinations at six years identified the presence/absence of (i) 'any caries' (untreated
Abstract for osteoporosis having dental extractions in the period January 1, 2017 and June 30, 2021 were compared to a control group not on antiresorptives. Detailed demographic records including length of time on antiresorptives and CTX values were obtained. Comparison

Methodological quality assessment of paper-based systematic reviews published in oral health.   [17-Aug-2017]

Mahar R.; Faggion C.M.; Khoo W.R.; Kan G.; Wasiak J.; Shen A.Y.; Tan H.B.
Keywords *dentistry
Abstract median score (3) was found in implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, oral medicine, and prosthodontics. The number of paper-based SR per year and the median AMSTAR score increased over time (median score in 1990s was 2 (IQR 2-3), 2000s was 4 (IQR 2
Abstract asylum seekers and refugees patients, aged 18-68, attending Monash Health Dental Services, Melbourne, Victoria. RESULT(S): Data illustrated that 82% of participants had at least one tooth with untreated decay. Tooth level analysis revealed that white spot

A change of heart: The new infective endocarditis prophylaxis guidelines.   [12-Nov-2008]

Street A.C.; Strathmore N.F.; Goss A.N.; Daly C.G.; Currie B.J.; Jeyasingham M.S.; Moulds R.F.W.; Smith J.A. 
Keywords dental care
Abstract for infective endocarditis. The reasons for the changes are explored in this review and the implications for dental practice are discussed. © 2008 Australian Dental Association.

Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw: Does it occur in children?.   [16-Oct-2012]

Brown J.J.; Zacharin M.R.; Ramalingam L.
Keywords dental care
Abstract , including 11 who had invasive dental treatment, there were no cases of osteonecrosis. Conclusion(s): ONJ has so far not been demonstrated in this patient group. © 2008 The Authors.

Management of dental emergencies amongst Australian general medical practitioners - A case-vignette study.   [27-Apr-2022]

Park J.S.; Page A.T.; Shen P.-H.; Price K.; Tennant M.; Kruger E.
Abstract to the board registered GPs practising in Australia. The main outcome measures included statistical analysis of GPs managing different dental emergency scenarios and their confidence and expectations in managing dental emergencies. RESULT(S): A total of 425 GPs

Improving access for the vulnerable: A mixed-methods feasibility study of a pop-up model of care in south-eastern Melbourne, Australia.   [15-Mar-2022]

Russell G.; Westbury S.; Clifford S.; Sturgiss E.; Fragkoudi A.; Macindoe R.; Stuart D.; Kunin M.; Walsh J.; Scott C.
Abstract for dentistry. Following the events, participants reported increased knowledge of services and access pathways, community members spoke of increased trust and partnerships between service providers were fostered. The pop-up model can increase provider
Keywords *dental anesthesia
Abstract .07%). As this was the first Australian criteria-based audit of office-based anaesthesia (OBA) for dental procedures, we cannot compare our findings directly to previous studies. However, we feel that our patient demographics fell within acceptable ANZCA day procedure
Keywords *dental procedure
Abstract an opportunity to both provide information to women about the importance of maternal oral health and accessing dental care. Although pregnant women are recognised for 'priority' care under Victorian state-government policy, rarely do they attend. This study aims
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