Sleep Medicine   [2017]

Nixon, Gillian ; Horne, R.S.C.

Tertiary paediatric hospital admissions in children and young people with cerebral palsy.   [28-Apr-2017]

Williams K.; Rawicki B. ; Reddihough D.S.; Sewell J.R.; Meehan E.; Freed G.L.; Reid S.M.
Keywords Respiration Disorders/et [Etiology]
Abstract hospital services over a 5-year period. METHODS: This was a retrospective cohort analysis of routinely collected admission data from the two tertiary paediatric hospitals in the Australian state of Victoria. Data on admissions of individuals born between
Keywords *respiration control

Impact of early respiratory care for extremely preterm infants.   [7-Jul-2022]

Owen L.S.; Manley B.J.; Hodgson K.A.; Roberts C.T.
Keywords artificial respiration

The role of physiological studies and apnoea monitoring in infants.   [23-Dec-2014]

Horne R.S.C.; Nixon G.M. 
Keywords respiration control

Children with down syndrome and sleep disordered breathing display impairments in ventilatory control.   [29-Dec-2020]

Mann D.L.; Landry S.A.; Edwards B.A.; Horne R.S.C.; Siriwardhana L.S.; Nixon G.M. ; Davey M.J. 
Keywords *respiration control
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