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Keywords *nurse patient relationship
Abstract as possible to enable the development of a collaborative relationship. PURPOSE: To explore bereaved parents' perspectives of parent and staff roles in the pediatric intensive care unit when their child was dying, and their relationships with healthcare staff
Keywords pediatrics
Keywords intensive care nursing
Abstract with families of critically ill children in a mixed adult-paediatric intensive care unit (ICU). DESIGN: Descriptive qualitative design. METHODOLOGY: Five PICU nurses participated in semi-structured interviews. Data were analysed using thematic analysis
Keywords *community health nursing
Abstract new mothering an isolating experience for some women. This paper reports on findings from a longitudinal qualitative study, outlining the importance of maternal & child health nurses in providing support and in facilitating links to the community
Keywords pediatric surgery

A pediatric oncology nursing outreach program.   [3-Jan-2010]

Drybrough K.; Casey S.; Hamalainen T.; Di Monte B.
Keywords nurse
Abstract Purpose: A pediatric cancer diagnosis for a child and family is stressful and complex. The diagnosis impacts all areas of life including: emotions, finances, health, siblings, school, and work. Pediatric Interlink is an Ontario-based community

Epidermolysis Bullosa in Pediatric Palliative Care: A Case Series.   [11-Sep-2023]

Ball K.; Camilleri S.; Kiefel S.; Schulz I.; Weston L.; Sacks B.
Abstract care needs of children with severe EB are poorly described. Aim(s): The aim of this case series was to examine the contribution of a pediatric palliative care service to the complex health care needs of children with severe EB. Method(s): We present a

Current assessment of parental and health professional perception of the colour of neonatal vomiting: Results of a scoping survey.   [24-Nov-2021]

Chang A.; Sivasubramaniam M.; Souchon A.; Pacilli M. ; Nataraja R.M.
Abstract exact test. A p value of < 0.05 was considered to be significant. Result(s): 365 participants responded: 36% (131/365) parents, 18% (64/365) nurses and 46% (166/365) doctors. 4/365 (1%) did not state their role. 343 participants completed all questions
Keywords nurse
Abstract of this position statement: Launch of the position statement via the ANZCHOG website, promotion at relevant professional events and engaging department heads and nurse unit managers. Result(s): This project resulted in the development of a position statement from

An exploration of Indonesian nurses' perceptions of barriers to paediatric pain management.   [31-Jul-2018]

Shields L.; Mediani H.S.; Duggan R.; Chapman R.; Hutton A.
Keywords pediatric nursing
Abstract that nurses working in Indonesian paediatric wards felt that they were not able to provide effective pain care to hospitalized children. Nurses identified several organizational structural and cultural factors that were thought to hinder their provision