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7-Feb-202444P Exploratory analysis of peripheral pharmacodynamic (PD) biomarkers after sitravatinib (Sitra) and tislelizumab (TIS) in advanced solid tumors: SAFFRON-103.Wu Y.-L.; Gao B.; Goh J.C.; Zhao J.; Ma Z.; Cui J.; Yu X.; Huang D.; Day D. ; Voskoboynik M.; Chu Q.; Zhou Q.; Millward M.; Pan H.; Sun M.; Peng Y.; Liu M.; Tian T.; Li H.; Guo J.
7-Feb-2024Prevalence of vitamin C deficiency in adult hospital patients in high-income countries: A scoping review.Golder J.; Bauer J.; Barker L.; Lemoh C. ; Gibson S.; Davidson Z.
8-Feb-2024Interim results from a phase I study of AMG 509 (xaluritamig), a STEAP1 x CD3 XmAb 2+1 immune therapy in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).Kelly W.K.; Danila D.C.; Lin C.-C.; Lee J.-L.; Matsubara N.; Ward P.J.; Armstrong A.J.; Pook D.W.; Kim M.; Dorff T.; Fischer S.; Lin Y.-C.; Horvath L.G.; Sumey C.; Yang Z.; Jurida G.; Connarn J.; Penny H.; Stieglmaier J.; Appleman L.J.
10-Apr-2021Multivariate Association of Child Depression and Anxiety With Asthma Outcomes.Kulikova A.; Lopez J.; Antony A. ; Khan D.A.; Persaud D.; Tiro J.; Ivleva E.I.; Nakamura A.; Patel Z.; Tipton S.; Lloyd T.; Allen K.; Kaur S.; Owitz M.S.; Park R.J.; Adragna M.S.; Chankalal R.; Humayun Q.; Lehman H.K.; Miller B.D.; Wood B.L.; Brown E.S.
18-Jun-2020Meeting the challenges imposed by COVID-19: Guidance document by the ESTRO Radiation TherapisT Committee (RTTC).Tsang Y.; Duffton A.; Leech M. ; Rossi M.; Scherer P.
14-Aug-2021Clinical associations of cognitive dysfunction in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).Raghunath S.; Golder V.; Kandane-Rathnayake R.; Morand, Eric ; Glikmann-Johnston Y.; Stout J.C.; Hoi A. 
18-Jan-2024Using implementation science to develop an adaptable clinical systems implementation package to embed routine syphilis screening in later pregnancy into clinical practice.Bond S.R.; Bilardi J.E.; Chen M.; Chow E.P.F.; Donovan B.; Fairley C.K.; Giarrusso R.L.; Giles M.L. ; Hocking J.; Kaldor J.; Kane S.C.; McCully B.; Ong J.J.; Posma E.; Ryder N.; Temple-Smith M.J.; Tomnay J.E.
21-Jan-2024Accumulating Antiretroviral Therapy Safety Data In Pregnancy: Barriers To Clinician Reporting To The Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry In North America And Internationally.Manta M.S.; O'Bryan J.; Giles M. ; Short W.R.; Logue-Chamberlain E.; Krishnaswamy S. 
11-Jan-2024A phase 1/2 study of au-007, a monoclonal antibody (MAB) that binds to il-2 and inhibits cd25 binding, in patients with advanced solid tumors: interim results from dose escalation.Frentzas S. ; Ahern E.; Weickhardt A.; Haydon A.; Powderly J.; Rasco D.; McKean M.; De Souza P.; Wyant T.; Tang J.; Richards L.; Knickerbocker A.; Amit I.; Ofran Y.; Vasselli J.
13-Jan-2024High end-of treatment hepatitis b corerelated antigen (hbcrag) levels predict hepatitis flare after stopping na therapy: analysis of the australian nastop study cohort.Hume S.J.; Wong D.K.-H.; Yuen M.-F.; Jackson K.; Bonanzinga S.; Vogrin S.; Hall S.; Burns G.; Desmond P.V.; Sundararajan V.; Ratnam D.T.; Levy M.T.; Lubel J.; Nicoll A.J.; Strasser S.I.; Sievert W. ; Ngu M.C.; Sinclair M.; Meredith C.; Matthews G.; Revill P.; Littlejohn M.; Bowden S.; Visvanathan K.; Holmes J.A.; Thompson A.J.V.
13-Jan-2024Incidence and characteristics of nonmalignant liver lesions detected through ultrasound based hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance.Hui S.; Nguyen A.; Le S. ; Dev A. ; Bell S. 
13-Jan-2024Changing epidemiology of HCC in Melbourne, Australia: primary outcomes of the prospective homer-2 cohort.Flores J.E.; Thompson A.J.V.; Lo S.W.; Hong T.; Roberts S.K.; Nicoll A.J.; Lewis D.; Valaydon Z.; Sood S.; Mishra G.; Kemp W.W.; Majeed A.; Haridy J.; Howell J.
13-Jan-2024Human amnion epithelial cell transplantation is safe and well tolerated in patients with compensated cirrhosis - a first in human trial.Sievert W. ; Lim R.; Warner S.L.; Hodge A.D.; Moore G. ; Correia J.; Chan S.; Goonetilleke M.; Lyon S.
13-Jan-2024Positive results from the alpine 4 study: a randomized, double-blind, placebocontrolled, multicenter, phase 2b trial evaluating multiple doses of the fgf19 analogue aldafermin in patients with compensated cirrhosis due to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.Rinella M.; Lieu H.; Kowdley K.V.; Goodman Z.D.; Alkhouri N.; Lawitz E.; Ratziu V.; Abdelmalek M.F.; Wong V.W.-S.; Younes Z.; Ortiz-Lasanta G.; Sheikh A.; Brannan D.; Freilich B.; Pianko S. ; Neff G.W.; Membreno F.; Sinclair M.; Ankoma-Sey V.; Borg B.; Heneghan M.A.; LeMire M.; Schiefke I.; Thuluvath P.J.; Melchor-Khan L.; Anstee Q.M.; Tacke F.; Sanyal A.; Ling L.; Harrison S.A.
13-Jan-2024Vitamin c deficiency is prevalent is patients presenting with acute variceal bleeding and confers a poor prognosis.Hui S.; Abasszade J.; Ha P.; Koh E.; Connoley D.; Robertson M. 
8-Dec-2023Luspatercept versus epoetin alfa for treatment (TX) of anemia in erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA)-naive lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes (LR-MDS) patients (PTS) requiring rbc transfusions (RBCT): data from the phase 3 commands study.Platzbecker U.; Della Porta M.G.; Santini V.; Zeidan A.M.; Fenaux P.; Komrokji R.S.; Shortt J. ; Valcarcel D.; Jonasova A.; Dimicoli-Salazar S.; Tiong I.S.; Lin C.-C.; Li J.; Zhang J.; Giuseppi A.C.; Kreitz S.; Pozharskaya V.; Keeperman K.L.; Rose S.; Shetty J.K.; Hayati S.; Vodala S.; Degulys A.; Paolini S.; Cluzeau T.; Garcia-Manero G.
25-Nov-2023Patient characteristics help predict individual response to treatment with natalizumab vs fingolimod in relapsingremitting ms.Bovis F.; Montobbio N.; Horakova D.; Havrdova E.; Ozakbas S.; Patti F.; Alroughani R.; Izquierdo G.; Madueno S.E.; Buzzard K.; Skibina O.; Karabudak R.; Lugaresi A.; Onofrj M.; Terzi M.; Boz C.; Grammond P.; Prat A.; Girard M.; Duquette P.; Yamout B.; Khoury S.; Van der Walt A.; Butzkueven H.; Lechner-Scott J.; Barnett M.; Hodgkinson S.; Macdonell R.; Maimone D.; Gerlach O.; Gouider R.; Mrabet S.; Sa M.J.P.M.; Weinstock-Guttman B.; Mccombe P.; Van Wijmeersch B.; Prevost J.; Slee M.; Soysal A.; Shaygannejad V.; John N.A.; Csepany T.; Spitaleri D.; Morales E.A.; Solaro C.M.; Turkoglu R.; Amato M.P.; Tello C.R.; Van Pesch V.; Foschi M.; Kalincik T.; Sormani M.P.
25-Nov-2023Vascular comorbidities are associated with increased relapse rates in relapsing-remitting ms.Li Y.; Al Harbi T.M.; Alroughani R.; Altintas A.; Pia Amato M.; Ampapa R.; Baghbanian S.; Blanco Y.; Buzzard K.; Cartechini E.; Castillo-Trivino T.; Csepany T.; De Gans K.; De Vecino M.C.A.; Decoo D.; Madueno S.E.; Etemadifar M.; Pedrini M.; Foschi M.; Garber J.; Gerlach O.; Girard M.; Grammond P.; Gray O.; Grigoriadis N.; Gross-Paju K.; Habek M.; Hardy T.; Hughes S.; Kalincik T.; Kermode A.; Lalive P.; Lapointe E.; Lechner-Scott J.; Macdonell R.; Maimone D.; Mrabet S.; Oreja-Guevara C.; Ozakbas S.; Prevost J.; Tello C.R.; Sa M.J.; Sajedi S.A.; Sanchez J.L.; Shaw C.; Shaygannejad V.; Soysal A.; Spitaleri D.L.A.; Trevino-Frenk I.; Van Der Walt A.; Van Pesch V.; Weinstock-Guttman B.; Willekens B.; Yammout B.; Phan T. ; John N.A.
25-Nov-2023The interplay of employment status and cognitive impairment in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.Doshi A.; Muhlert N.; Langdon D.; De Angelis F.; Plantone D.; John N.A.; Calvi A.; Williams T.; Ciccarelli O.; Chataway J.
25-Nov-2023Effectiveness of cladribine compared to fingolimod, natalizumab, ocrelizumab and alemtuzumab in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.Roos I.; Sharmin S.; Malpas C.; Ozakbas S.; Lechner-Scott J.; Hodgkinson S.; Alroughani R.; Izquierdo G.; Madueno S.E.; Boz C.; Van Der Walt A.; Butzkueven H.; Buzzard K.; Skibina O.; Foschi M.; Grand'Maison F.; John N.; Grammond P.; Terzi M.; Prevost J.; Barnett M.; Laureys G.; Van Hijfte L.; Sanchez J.L.; Blanco Y.; Oh J.; Mccombe P.; Tello C.R.; Soysal A.; Prat A.; Girard M.; Duquette P.; Yamout B.I.; Khoury S.; Van Pesch V.; Macdonell R.; Sa M.J.; Slee M.; Kuhle J.; Maimone D.; Spitaleri D.L.A.; Willekens B.; Al-Asmi A.; Robertson N.; Coles A.; Brown J.W.L.; Kalincik T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5350

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