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26-Jun-2024Costs of neurological disorders.Cadilhac D.A.; Mahal A.
28-Jun-2024Severe hepatitis complicating olmesartan enteropathy: a case report.Tan R.; Abasszade J.H.; Dhillon H.; Kuan C.C.; Worland T.; Tabatabai S.
28-Jun-2024A detailed mechanistic understanding of positional and nonpositional OSA: what side are you on?Edwards B.A.; Joosten S.A. ; Sands S.A.
4-Jul-2024Prospective evaluation of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc deficiencies in patients with active foot ulceration.Bechara N.; Tehan P.E.; Gunton J.
18-Jun-2024PCR114 Young people's barriers and facilitators of engagement with web-based mental health interventions for anxiety and depression: a qualitative study.Ho A.; Engel L.; Melvin G.; Le L.K.D.; Le D.N.H.; Mihalopoulos C.
18-Jun-2024PCR161 A qualitative study on respondents' interpretation of the EQ-VAS in Ethiopia.Belay Y.B.; Mihalopoulos C.; Mulhern B.; Engel L.
18-Jun-2024PCR103 Young people's preferences towards web-based mental health interventions for anxiety and depression: a discrete choice experiment.Ho T.Q.A.; Engel L.; Le L.; Melvin G.; Le D.N.H.; Mihalopoulos C.
18-Jun-2024PCR107 Health-related quality of life and utility values among patients with anxiety and/or depression in a low-income tertiary care setting: a cross-sectional analysis.Belay Y.B.; Mihalopoulos C.; Lee Y.Y.; Engel L.
15-Jun-2024Sex differences in depression and eating disorders in adolescents participating in a weight management trial: Fast Track to Health.Jebeile H.; Baur L.A.; Kwok C.; House E.T.; Inkster M.; Day K.; Lang S.; Gow M.L.; Lister N.B.
12-Jun-202439MO Phase III ENGOT-En9/LEAP-001 study: Lenvatinib + pembrolizumab (LEN/PEMBRO) vs chemotherapy (chemo) as first-line (1L) therapy for advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer.Pignata S.; Marth C.; Moore R.G.; Bidzinski M.; Ayhan A.; Perez M.J.R.; Beiner M.; Hall M.; Vulsteke C.; Braicu I.; Sonoda K.; Wu X.; Frentzas S. ; Mattar A.; McKenzie J.; Yao L.; Khemka V.; Gilbert L.; Makker V.
11-Jun-2024Impact of synoptic reporting on completeness of systematic endoscopic lymph node sampling in non-small cell lung cancer patients: a post-hoc analysis from the SEISMIC study.Steinfort D.; Watson J.M.; Kothari G.; Wallace N.; Hardcastle N.; Rangamuwa K.; Curran J.; Yo S.; Bashirdazeh F.; Nguyen P.; Jennings B.R. ; Fielding D.I.; Irving L.; Siva S.; Crombag L.; Annema J.; Yasufuku K.; Ost D.E.
11-Jun-2024The effect of selective potassium channel openers on loop gain and obstructive sleep apnoea severity: a proof-of-concept randomised controlled trial using flupirtine.Thomson L.D.; Landry S.A.; Collet J.; Joosten S.A. ; Hamilton G. ; Beatty C.; Berger P.J.; Cooke I.; Edwards B.A.
11-Jun-2024Systematic endoscopic staging of mediastinum to determine impact on radiotherapy for locally advanced lung cancer (SEISMIC): an international multicentre single-arm clinical trial.Steinfort D.; Kothari G.; Wallace N.; Hardcastle N.; Rangamuwa K.; Lee P.; Yo S.; Bashirzadeh F.; Nguyen P.; Jennings B.R. ; Fielding D.I.; Crombag L.; Irving L.; Yasufuku K.; Annema J.; Ost D.E.; Siva S.
11-Jun-2024Optimization of mobilization during critical illness: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Paton M. ; Chan S.; Hodgson C.L.
31-May-2024Illustrated state-of-the-art capsules of the ISTH 2024 congress.Ward C.; Curry N.; El-Ekiaby M.; Jurk K.; Versteeg H.H.; Keragala C.; Burstyn-Cohen T.; Antoniak S.; Suzuki Y.; Baker R.I.; Christophe O.; Revel-Vilk S.; Hart A.; Deppermann C.; Tran H. ; Pozzi N.; Kahr W.H.A.; Grover S.P.; Wenzel P.; Brown A.C.; Oury C.; Shea S.M.; Fredenburgh J.; Passam F.H.; Winearls J.; Moore H.B.; Tole S.; Merriman E.; Barnes G.D.; Liu Z.L.; Sholzberg M.
31-May-2024Outcomes of cardiac surgery in haemodialysis-dependent patients.Sin J.; Baruah A.A.; Ganeshanandha R.; Brookes J.; vallely M.; Smith J. 
31-May-2024Retrospective analysis of risk factors for sternal wound infection.Ng J.; Lakshmanan K.N.; Day E.; Brookes J.; Vallely M.; Smith J. 
31-May-2024Redo pulmonary valve replacement-mid term cardiac MRI haemodynamic and functional outcomes.Brookes J.; Cochrane A. ; Almeida A.; Pick A. ; Vallely M.; Smith J. 
31-May-2024Giant left atrial myxoma: a case report and literature review.Nair H.D.; Brookes J.; Joshi P.; O'brien J.; Lin A.; Leung M.; Almeida A.; Vallely M.; Smith J. 
31-May-2024Management of bioprosthetic aortic valve thrombosis-a case series.Stevenson S.; Carne S.; Shah J.; Saleemi S.A.; Brookes J.; Smith J. 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5487

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