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Protease modulating dressings for treating diabetic foot ulcers.   [30-Mar-2017]

Thomas S.; Waugh N.; Royle P.; Bergin S.

Predictors of operative management in diabetic foot ulcers.   [31-May-2024]

Au A.; Yii E.; Andric A.; Wong J.; Saunder A. ; Yii M.
Abstract (s). Journal of Foot and Ankle Research published by John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd on behalf of Australian Podiatry Association and The Royal College of Podiatry.

"Good for older ladies, not me": how elderly women choose their shoes.   [16-Apr-2015]

Murphy A. ; Davis A. ; Haines T.P.

Exploring musculoskeletal injuries in the podiatry profession: an international cross sectional study.   [5-Jun-2017]

Bowles K.-A.; Williams C.M. ; Penkala S.; Smith P.; Haines T. 
Keywords podiatry
Abstract to general musculoskeletal pain in general or podiatry work-related musculoskeletal pain. Multivariable regression analyses were used to identify factors associated with musculoskeletal stiffness and pain and low back pain intensity. Thematic analysis

Efficacy of non-surgical interventions for midfoot osteoarthritis: a systematic review.   [27-Jun-2023]

Lim P.Q.X.; Lithgow M.J.; Kaminski M.R.; Landorf K.B.; Menz H.B.; Munteanu S.E.

Does incentivising GPs to provide multidisciplinary care following stroke target those most in need: A linked data study?.   [15-Nov-2021]

Andrew N.; Snowdon D.; Ung D.; Collyer T.; Kilkenny M.; Thrift A. ; Sundararajan V.; Lannin N.; Cadilhac D.
Abstract age 74 years, 86% ischaemic). Of these, 34% received a TCA and 24% had an allied health claim (66% podiatry, 25% physiotherapy, others<5%). Most TCAs (86%) involved only one type of allied health professional. Registrants were classified into three

Late-onset malalignment of the great toenails.   [26-Nov-2019]

Wang C.Y.; Howard A.; Kern J.
Keywords podiatry

People with diabetes do not learn and recall their diabetes foot education: a cohort study.   [4-Sep-2018]

Haines T.P.; Yuncken J.; Williams C.M. ; Stolwyk R.J.
Keywords *podiatry
Abstract is vital to effective treatment of people with diabetes. Current common approaches used in individual consultations such as verbal explanations appear ineffective in aiding the learning and retention of podiatry-specific diabetes education. This study

People with diabetes foot complications do not recall their foot education: a cohort study.   [19-Oct-2018]

Williams C.M. ; Haines T.P.; Stolwyk R. ; Yuncken J.
Keywords podiatry
Abstract during a podiatry consultation, and what information was retained at 1 month post consultation.