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Conference/Presentation Title: LungFlareCare: Development and evaluation of a new web-based educational resource.
Authors: Osadnik C. ;Kavanagh A. ;Hopmans R.;Roberts G.;Lai C. ;DeGaris J. ;Palmer L. ;Catlin A. ;Collings M. ;Smith R.;Gordon C.
Monash Health Department(s): Physiotherapy
Allied Health
Institution: (Osadnik, Kavanagh, Hopmans, Gordon) Physiotherapy, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
(Osadnik) Monash Lung Sleep Allergy Immunology, Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia
(Kavanagh, Roberts, Lai, DeGaris, Palmer, Catlin, Collings, Smith, Gordon) Physiotherapy, Monash Health, Melbourne, Australia
Respiratory and Sleep Medicine
Presentation/Conference Date: 3-May-2023
Copyright year: 2023
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons Inc
Publication information: Respirology. Conference: TSANZSRS 2023 Australia and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (ANZSRS/TSANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting for Leaders in Lung Health and Respiratory Science. Christchurch New Zealand. 28(Supplement 2) (pp 77-78), 2023. Date of Publication: March 2023.
Journal: Respirology
Abstract: Introduction/Aim: Recovery from respiratory exacerbations is often sub-optimal for multifactorial reasons. The delivery of accurate, accessible information regarding patients' condition and priorities of care (e.g., pulmonary rehabilitation) during this time can be challenging. This study aimed to develop and evaluate a new unique, high quality, co-designed web resource to help address this issue. Method(s): The study followed mixed-methods co-design principles (figure). Qualitative interviews with 8 patients, 2 carers and 9 multidisciplinary healthcare professionals regarding COPD exacerbations and pulmonary rehabilitation were conducted, coded and thematically analysed. Themes informed the design of a comprehensive web-based international Delphi survey involving 20 expert clinician-researchers rating the importance of individual education items. Consensus items informed website construction with draft sections reviewed by healthcare professionals and consumers. Pilot implementation and real-world evaluation of the final resource was undertaken via physiotherapist-led tablet-device administration to 19 inpatients with acute exacerbations of COPD across a metropolitan hospital network (June-October 2022). Survey feedback was captured from physiotherapists and patients prior to discharge and via one-month follow-up phone calls. Result(s): 53 items reached consensus during the Delphi survey. Tablet-administered education was feasible. Survey data (n = 17) showed 88% of inpatients found the resource useful and 82% reported an increased willingness to participate in pulmonary rehabilitation. Several patients remarked they gained new insights into their disease management: ' There's a lot of stuff in here. Things I thought were a waste of time aren't.There's a lot more I can do to help me than I knew '. Website engagement decreased after discharge (42% declined follow-up feedback). Physiotherapists described high levels of satisfaction with the resource and improved time and care efficiencies. Conclusion(s): is a new educational resource that can aid the delivery of high quality care for people with acute respiratory exacerbations.
Conference Name: TSANZSRS 2023 Australia and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (ANZSRS/TSANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting for Leaders in Lung Health and Respiratory Science
Conference Start Date: 2023-03-25
Conference End Date: 2023-03-28
Conference Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Type: Conference Abstract
Subjects: chronic obstructive lung disease
pulmonary rehabilitation
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Observational study (cohort, case-control, cross sectional, or survey)
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