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Title: Comparisons between group- and individual-based interventions to support recovery from stroke and ischaemic heart disease in the community: a scoping review.
Authors: Hancock S.L.;Thayabaranathan T.;Cameron J. ;Stolwyk R. ;Lawrence M.;Johnson L.;Hillier S.;Hackett M.;Cadilhac D.A.
Monash Health Department(s): Monash University - School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health
Institution: (Hancock, Thayabaranathan, Cameron, Cadilhac) Stroke and Ageing Research Group, Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, Monash University, VIC, Australia
(Stolwyk) Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University, VIC, Australia
(Lawrence) School of Health and Life Sciences, Department of Nursing and Community Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, United Kingdom
(Johnson) School of Behavioural and Health Sciences, Australian Catholic University, VIC, Australia
(Johnson) Physiotherapy Department, Melbourne School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne, VIC, Australia
(Hillier) Allied Health and Human Performance, University of South Australia, Australia
(Hackett) George Institute for Global Health, Mental Health, NSW, Australia
(Cadilhac) University of Melbourne, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, VIC, Australia
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2024
Copyright year: 2024
Place of publication: United Kingdom
Publication information: Disability and rehabilitation. (pp 1-10), 2024. Date of Publication: 27 Jan 2024.
Journal: Disability And Rehabilitation
Abstract: PURPOSE: To map and summarise available literature on the effectiveness or other benefits of group- and individual-based interventions provided for adults living with stroke or ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in the community. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The review was conducted based on JBI methodology and reported using Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses extension for Scoping Reviews. Articles were retrieved from: Medline, PsychInfo, Embase, Scopus, and CINAHL from 2002-2022. Extracted data from eligible studies included type of health outcomes (e.g., impairments), retention and adherence, social connectedness, and the costs associated with group- and individual-based interventions. RESULT(S): After screening, five articles (representing 4 unique studies) comparing a group- and individual-based intervention were included (total sample size n=87). Three types of interventions were assessed: exercise (3/5), communication (1/5), and occupational therapy (1/5). Effectiveness of group- and individual-based interventions at improving health outcomes (i.e. physical ability, communication, motivation, and quality of life) is unclear. Currently there is insufficient evidence to guide clinical practice. CONCLUSION(S): There is limited evidence comparing interventions delivered in a group and individual modality for adults living with stroke or IHD. Adequately powered studies are needed to determine if mode of delivery is equivalent or more cost effective.
PubMed URL: 38279793 []
Type: Article
Subjects: cardiovascular disease
cerebrovascular accident
group therapy
ischemic heart disease
occupational therapy
physical capacity
Type of Clinical Study or Trial: Review article (e.g. literature review, narrative review)
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